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What if nobody reads my content?

This was a question an agent asked at my last seminar. I get this question quite often.

Here is my answer:

At first you will have very few readers…that’s perfectly fine. The early stages of creating great content is about discovering your niche.

The discovery process

I initially didn’t think of myself as the “Facebook guy” – I just started producing content.

Overtime, a natural trend started to develop. Most of my content was about Facebook – videos, webinars, status updates, small tips…all about Facebook.

Check out Seth Godin's Blog for more awesome content.

Here is my takeaway

To develop a content strategy you must first figure out what type of content you are going to produce.

This sounds simple, but it isn’t.

It is not something that you sit down and decide in 20 minutes.

Try this for starters

Produce 5 blog post a week for the next 30 days

Write about whatever you want to write about (don’t plan it)

At the end of 30 days – look back at your work

Analyze your content to establish any trends

If their are no trends – keep writing, one will develop.